Jumping through hoops

I don’t have a Kindle. I have a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, which I absolutely love. Not only can I read Kindle titles, I can do Facebook, surf the web, email and anything else I can think of. It’s great. Also, even though I use Amazon for mp3’s and ebooks, I am not tied into Amazon in the same way a Kindle Fire is.

Anyway, I bought my Tab in August when they were offering a £30 cashback deal. To get the £30, I firstly had to wait 30 days before I could even claim the cashback, which is fine. Also, when the 30 days is up, I only have 15 days to put in the claim, also fine.

So, this morning I fill in the claim form online and get to the step where I have to choose which model I have. Unfortunately, the list of model numbers doesn’t match what’s on the box. Annoyingly, I ended up searching Google to find out which model number I had.

Then they wanted a copy of the receipt. I don’t have a scanner, so out comes the camera on my phone.

Form filled in (eventually), curt comment left in the box that asked me what I thought of the claim process.

I now have to wait 45 days to get my monies. Roll on 6th November!


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