REVIEW: Friend Request

Friend Request by David Wailing explores a concept that interests me a lot- how far technology will integrate into our lives and those we share our lives with. Set 10 years from now, the author sees us all wearing visors (I want one, when are they in the shops? huh? huh?) that provide a digital overlay of data relating to what is going on around us, and our lives are all run for us by computer programs called “autos” that live in our uber smartphones.

I really enjoyed the story and I like the ideas and images conjured up of what we can expect from technology in the not too distant future. I did, however, struggle a little with much of the story being written in present tense as opposed to the traditional past tense. I understand that this is perhaps to give the reader a sense of the future happening now, but for much of the story I found my brain rewriting the prose into past tense as that is what I am used to. Technically, the use of present tense is all correct and there are no slippages and therefore is well written. It is only personal preference that I would have liked to have seen the whole story written in past tense.

Overall, this is a great little story and I would like to read more by this author. The premise is great, and there is plenty more that can be done with this 2022 world. I think reality won’t be too far off the mark when we catch up with this fictional world.

I gave this 4 great little futuristic stars. Smile


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