Going free for 5 days: An experiment

Tomorrow I am putting Firestone up for free on Amazon for 5 days. This is somewhat of an experiment, and given that sales are very slow, I feel I have nothing much to lose.

I will be posting my progress on here during the course of the promotion, and I hope it serves as help for anyone else planning to give their ebook(s) away in the future.

There are many discussions that argue what days are best to run a promo, and how long it should run for. I don’t have anything new to add to that, but I have decided to run for the full 5 days, from Friday through to Tuesday. There seems to be more free books given away on a weekend, so in my wisdom I am starting on the Friday to get a headstart on the weekend trade, and hope that by the time all the 2 day weekend promos finish on Sunday night, I get a little kick up the rankings on the Monday and Tuesday.

Due to not having many reviews (ok, I have 1) I don’t expect to be picked up by any of the big sites, but I have posted to about a dozen of the smaller ones and hope to be picked up by a few of them at some point over the five days. I will be tweeting and facebooking during the promo, every download will count!

One other quick thought I have had; today Amazon announced the Paperwhite Kindle and the Kindle Fire HD release for the UK, so as the media picks up on that over the next day or so, it might increase “kindle traffic” on the site and herald a good weekend for ebook sales (free or otherwise) moreso than a “normal” weekend. Here’s hoping!

So what is my target? I would love to get 50,000 downloads, but as I mentioned about the reviews, I don’t expect to get anywhere near that. So I think anthing over 1000 would be great, and anything around 3-5000 would be super fantastic. I would also like to get in the top 100 for Fantasy (as a whole, not just a Fantasy sub-category).

So, wish me luck!


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