My thoughts on KDP Select

Well, it’s been a few days since my giveaway of Firestone, and the final numbers are in. Across all countries I gave away 1155 copies of my book. This got me to around 350 in the charts, and considering the lack of reviews and lack of take up from big Free Promo sites, this is about as good as can be expected.

The main goal of my promotion was to garner some reviews rather than new sales as the post-promo visibility is pretty much zero. The number of free downloads has no impact whatsoever on paid sales rank. Only the popularity rank is affected by free downloads. 1155 downloads is nowhere near enough to gain any sort of momentum in the popularity ranking, so unsurprisingly I have had no sales at all since the promo ended.

If you are reading this wondering if you should make your book free for a few days, then listen to these two pieces of advice.

1. You need to have a good number (10+) reviews before you start.

2. Getting your book listed on Pixel of Ink and/or eReader News Today is an absolute must!

Now, to get listed on either of those two sites you need to have reviews. You can do all the blogging, tweeting and facebooking possible and still not get the momentum you need if neither of those sites pick you up. I managed to get my promo picked up by a Twitter user with over 100,000 followers, which in turn was retweeted almost 150 times. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the impact of that tweet, despite it reaching over 250,000 accounts was probably only about a dozen or so downloads. Compare this to Freebooksy, the biggest site to pick up Firestone which resulted in approximately 500 downloads and you can see the importance of exposure on places where readers *actually* go to find free titles.

Am I happy with my results? Yes I am. I knew I wouldn’t be picked up by either of the major sites. I hope to get some reviews over the coming weeks and a few new readers that will be interested in the sequel when it comes out.


One comment on “My thoughts on KDP Select

  1. Hi Damien,

    Great advice – thanks! I’m gearing up for my KDP Promo in December and launching my book in November. Scary stuff but the Kindleboards crowd definitely makes it seem less so. Hopefully a few of those 1100 downloads will turn into reviews for you!

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