Amazon reviews

Now, anyone in the Indie Author world will know that recently there has been a bit of a furore regarding the removal of reviews on Amazon in recent weeks. Indeed some of these removals have been warranted, with the likes of so-called “sock-puppet” reviews and malicious 1-star and other paid for reviews all some being removed. Great, lovely, wonderful.

Unfortunately, a lot of reviews written by other authors (such as myself, not that any of my reviews have been removed to my knowledge) have been deleted also. We are readers too! We want to leave honest feedback for the books we love and hate the same as everyone else. For this reason (and the fact I have been mega busy writing other things) I haven’t posted any reviews recently, though I have kept on reading.

Today, I discovered though Kindleboards that Amazon have released a new updated FAQ sheet regarding their reviews.

The crux of it is that Amazon do want to encourage us to leave reviews, but with a few caveats. I won’t repeat them here, follow the link to read the full details.

So, now that that’s cleared up I will start writing my reviews again. I have a couple lined up and would imagine I will post the next one tomorrow.


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