REVIEW: This Thirtysomething Life

This Thirtysomething Life by Jon Rance

Firstly, I just want to say that this is one of those ebooks that gives hope to the rest of us poor Indie authors. Last month, after a successful free promotion on Amazon, Jon Rance was offered a two book deal by a proper publisher after they discovered this book floating around in the top 100 Bestseller’s List. Congratulations, Jon!

Now for my review…

The Thirtysomething life is a story told in the form of a diary. It’s not Bridget Jones, nor even is it Adrian Mole, but it’s not far off. Occasionally funny, a bit sad somewhere (possibly- no spoilers here!) and even a little bit annoying at times. This book has everything you could want from a story about an average 30+ bloke who’s coming to terms with impending fatherhood

Yes, there are a few oopsies in there (31st July disappearing completely being the most stand-out one) but that doesn’t detract from what is, overall, a very enjoyable read.

I recommend this book to women and men alike, as all will identify with at least some of the story, be it through someone you know, or who you are yourself.

I give this eBook 4 wonderful little stars and with my personal recommendation that you buy a copy of this right now.



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