Nooks, crannies, Kindles and Kobos

Ok, so maybe there isn’t an eReader called the Cranny (yet :s ) but unlike last Christmas, the Kindle isn’t the only kid in town any more. When in Asda a couple of weeks ago I saw a rather prominent display of Nook and Kobo eReaders. It was the first time I had seen them since their release in this country and am now convinced that I shouldn’t just stick with Amazon and their KDP Select programme for my novel(s).

Lots of people will end up with one of these new devices instead of a Kindle this Christmas day and they are probably going to want a little bit of help getting set up with it. Now, if it were a Kindle they opened, I would point them in the direction of for everything they need, including a whole list of free eBooks for their new device.

But that’s for Kindles. But wait, there’s a new site just for those who now suddenly find themselves with a Nook or a Kobo:

Set up by the owners of KUF, it hopes to cater for the Nooks and Kobos, so if you find you are the proud owner of one of these, thanks to Santa, and have somehow ended up on this blog, do take a look and join this new forum. In fact, why not join them both?

And remember, an eBook is for life, not just for Christmas! 🙂


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