The difficult second book

Sometimes you start something with a clear path in mind. You work out what you need to do and how long it will take you, so you get started. Everything goes great to begin with, and then life gets in the way. Regular followers will know that I had originally planned to have Uprising out in time for Christmas. I had a big promo lined up for Firestone and I was all ready to go. Then life got in the way. As December progressed, I found the time I had to work on Uprising faded away in a wash of Christmas presents, work and other stuff. By the time I found a little window to do an hour’s work, I would find I was too exhausted to concentrate on magic and dragons.

Christmas came and went, and so did January. All I wanted to do was write, but things got in the way. I wondered if I would ever get it finished. I have another project that I’m itching to crack on with, but promised myself to complete Uprising first. And now I have. It was a difficult second book (to coin a phrase) in more ways than one, but I did it. I am now an author of two, yes two, novels. I’m not some fly-by-night writer now, y’ know!

Anyway, I hit the publish button yesterday evening and let it percolate through Amazon’s systems and it is now live. It is priced at a very reasonable £1.99 ($.299) and Firestone is still a bargain at half price- 99p ($1.49) so you can get both for about the price of a coffee (depending where you go, if it’s your local greasy spoon, you could get half a dozen for the same price).

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice Uprising is not available to borrow. I have deliberately not enrolled it in Amazon’s KDP Select. What does that mean for those who don’t follow all that author stuff? Well it means Uprising will never be priced at free. No promo’s for this one. Why?

Come 15th March, the 90 day lock-in for Firestone will be up, so that will come out of Select also. KDP Select has an exclusivity clause, which means I can only sell my books on Amazon. It is now time to spread my wings a little, so come mid-March, both books will be available on Kobo and Nook and the iBookstore. Amazon have a 45% share of the eBook market (in the US at least, it’s probably higher in the UK at the moment, but I don’t have those figures) so currently 55% of people who like to read eBooks don’t have the option to not buy my books. That’s a huge potential audience.

I’ve enjoyed writing Uprising, I really have, but I’m glad it’s finished. It’s time for me to move on to something new. For you, however, the story is all yours to enjoy.

UK download

US Download


4 comments on “The difficult second book

  1. Damien, best of luck with Uprising! I think many authors are considering the other ebook platforms, but I have found this statistic from November (so it may no longer be accurate):

    “In the UK, about 90 per cent of ebooks are sold through Amazon, giving it great influence over how they are priced and promoted.”

    This is from the Financial Times:

    So it does look as if Amazon is still the only game in town as far as our little island is concerned. But I’ll be watching how things go for you with great interest!

    • Thanks, David!

      I had expected the UK figures to be around that considering we are a couple of years behind the US and Nooks and Kobos are a relatively new thing here and not that well promoted in all honesty. Adsa have hidden their displays, and WH Smith don’t seem to care all that much (or that’s the impression I get anyway). But for those who do want other formats, that is what they shall get. If there’s 10% of people who can’t get my/our books, then we’re only achieving 90% of our potential, which just isn’t good enough!

  2. Somehow this new launch managed to wash over me! I looked at you r KUF sig today and thought, “Oh yes, there are Damien’s two books. No, wait a minute TWO?” Sorry. I’ve been on Planet Magazine all week. Congratulations on the launch!

    • Thank you, Rosen. It’s been a quiet launch, to be honest, so I’m not surprised you missed it. Good luck with the magazine, I’m looking forward to seeing it.

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