REVIEW: Conversations in the Abyss

Conversations in the Abyss is a follow up novel to The Cult of Me by Michael Brookes. I’ve not actually read the first book, and I don’t really think it matters all that much if you haven’t as this works pretty well as a standalone story. There are a couple of different styles of writing in here, and switching from first person narrative to third person works well for the most part of the story. Personally, I preferred the third person view of the Friar over the more metaphysical prose from inside the head of The Deathless Man. It’s an interesting take on the struggle between Good and Evil and demons and angels. I expect there will be a third part along in due course, making this a trilogy, so some of you will want to start with The Cult of Me. Overall, though this isn’t my usual sort of read, I found it engaging and well-written. If you love stories about angels and God and demons and exorcising monks, do give this a try.


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