Talgard #1: Firestone

Firestone is my debut novel available now at Amazon for Kindle.

I originally wrote it in 2003, but shortly after finishing it, I heard about another exciting new novel at the time called “Eragon”. Since my novel also involved a boy and his female dragon, I shelved the whole thing. Remember, this was in the days before eBooks really took off, so the only real way of being published was to follow the traditional route.

Now, in 2012, self-publishing is easy, thanks to Amazon and their Kindle. So after thinking I had lost the disc containing the manuscript forever, I found it in a drawer, re-read it and decided it was good enough to show the world. I finished polishing it and made it available to the world on 16th September 2012.

Here’s the blurb…

Toegan and his dragon symbiant, Calia, want nothing more than to win the Dragonmaster Championship. But when the Firestone, an artefact of great power, is stolen from the stadium, they are eager to help get it back. With the help of the King’s closest allies they begin a journey fraught with danger that will change their lives forever. Two countries are heading for war. Can they recover the Firestone and restore peace before it’s too late?

Firestone is an epic fantasy adventure for Young Adults. Discover a world full of prophecies, magic and dragons that are very much part of the lives of the people who inhabit the world of Talgard.

You can buy your copy of Firestone by following this link to your country’s Amazon site.



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