London Town

Mirrors2“London Town” is my latest ongoing project. I am working on a series of short stories and novels set in an alternate version of London. I am building a website around these stories at

I expect to have the first full length novel out in August, but I’m sure you all don’t really want to wait that long, do you? No, I hear you cry. Well, you’re in luck. The first short story, called “Mirrors” is out now. It’s a standalone introduction to London Town that weighs in at approximately 12,000 words. Perfect for a spare hour or two.

This is the blurb…

What would today be like without all the science and technology that runs every aspect of our lives? Jackson Rockstone knows. He has created a window through the barriers between realities alternate to our own. From his laboratory he observes a thousand Londons, all different, all unique. His favourite London has no electricity, no cars or commuters, but it does have him. He’s not a scientist in this other London, but a murderer, the master of a criminal underworld. He can only watch, sharing his double’s life as if it were the ultimate reality show. That is, until the betrayal of a woman catapults him into his new city. Scared and alone in a strange yet familiar world, what choice does he have except to find the only man he knows?

Now, you won’t find this eBook on Amazon, or iBooks or any other book retailer. To get your copy, just visit and hit the download link for the format you want. Then just load it on to your device.

As the London Town site is still in a temporary state, there’s nowhere to leave comments or reviews. If you would like to, you can use the comments section here in the meantime.

Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for the London Town mailing list!


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